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Children of the Word - Book Series

Reading is one of my favorite things to do.  I think the more you read the more you will know, that's why I read a lot of different types of books.  Yesterday, my Mom gave me the new Children of the World books by Louise Spilsbury and Hanane Kai to read after school. 

There are two books, Global Conflict and Racism and Intolerance.  Both of these books are new and talk about things that all kids should know about.   I like that they tell a story while teaching a lesson and the pictures help you follow along.

There is a table of contents that helps you know what to expect. They write these books like a story dictionary.  It starts with a a story and as you read it explains what what the issue is and how it could be different.  

I like that while you are learning about these topics you are also following a story which makes it easier to follow along.   You see what the problem is, how it affects people and ways you can help make a change.  I learned a lot about these topics, things I never even thought about until now. 

At the end there is a glossary in case you don't know what all the words mean. Plus some websites that you can visit and learn more.

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