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10 Things All 10 Year Olds Must Experience at Beaches

This past October my family was invited to Beaches Resorts Social Media on the Sand held in Turks and Caicos.  This was the fourth time my mom was invited and we have gone every year. This year I want to share with you my top 10 favorite things to do at Beaches Resorts.

10. Xbox Lounge; The Xbox lounge is where I like to sneak off to with my Dad while my Mom is in meetings.  Here you can play almost any game that Xbox offers.  My favorite game this year was Mega Baseball.  The best part is that it's open all day and you can play for as long as you want or your Mom and Dad will let you.

9. Lizard Sighting; The first time we went to Beaches I was surprised to find lizards around the resort.  It became a game with my Mom and Dad to see who could find the most.  Now it has become our family tradition to find lizards and try to catch one even though we have never been able to do that.

8. Waterpark Surf Simulator; If I had my choice I would spend my whole day in the waterpark.  I love the slides and lazy river but the Surf Simulator is the best.  In the morning you can surf and in the afternoon it's used for body boarding.  I might not be the best at it, but one day I'll be unstoppable.

7. Stage Shows; Another tradition my family has is to check out the stage shows that you can see every night.  This year we saw Sesame Street Live, Alice in Wonderland and Treasure Island.  We always like to get to the theater early for a good seat and then send my Dad to Café de Paris for some treats.

6. Swim-up Bars; Another thing I do is to set a goal of trying all 10 kid's drinks. It's really not hard when you can swim over to the bar and get one whenever you want. I recommend everyone try a Fairy Princess at once, even the boys and skip Pink Boots because it's got grapefruit juice in it.

5. Ice Cream Truck; One of the best parts of going to the waterpark is getting a milkshake at the ice cream truck.  They even make a milkshake version of the Fairy Princess and it's just as good as the one from the bar.

4. Making a Build a Bear; I always get to pick two souvenirs from every trip. One is a Christmas ornament we pick out as a family and the second is up to me. This year I knew as soon as I saw the Build a Bear Workshop in the candy store, this would be my choice.  Everything here is the same as going to a store in the mall except for the birth certificate. The one you are given here has to be filled out by hand which is no big deal.

3. Glass Bottom Boat Ride; I love spending time on the beach but the water can be a little scary when you are only used to swimming pools.  I like taking the glass bottom boat ride because I can see everything up close without worrying about the waves.  There are a couple of boat rides a day but you have to sign up in advance but they are included with your stay.

2. Sesame Street; This year I was convinced that I was too old to hang out with the Sesame Street characters and didn't want to have breakfast with them.  As soon as we passed the restaurant I changed my mind and talked my Mom and Dad into taking me.  I'm really glad we did this because they have been my favorite since I was really little. It was fun to visit and get my picture taken with them but the best part was dancing with Cookie Monster.  I even hung out with them that evening around the pool and loved every minute of it.

1. Reading Road Trip; While my Mom was in meetings, my Dad and I arranged to take the Reading Road Trip. We visited the Ianthe Pratt Primary School and got to read to two classrooms of kindergartners through second graders.  I was surprised to see that the classrooms don't have a lot of extra supplies, no air conditioning and a broken down playground.  When I asked my Dad about it, he told me that they are in the process of rebuilding after the two hurricanes hit Turks and Caicos in 2017.  This was something I think all kids should do and it's an experience I won't forget.

I was so sad on the last day when it was time to leave Beaches that we have decided to return in the summer of 2019.  I'm already making a list of things I want to do. I know I'm doing all the things I just told you about but plan to add a catamaran cruise and try dinner in a new restaurant; I'm thinking Le Petite Chateau because my Mom had the Lobster Thermidor and said it was the best meal of her entire life.

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